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Rise and shine.

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If you snooze, you lose.

Waking up on the right side of the bed is important in order to be able to perform for the school day. For many students, on the other hand, hitting ‘snooze’ in the morning is a habit that may not be a particularly good way to wake up. In fact, research shows that the best way to wake up is a quick wake-up by activating the brain to get-up and get-going.

A notification with a instruction to solve a problem.

Alarmingly effective

To help students wake up better, we created the Wake Up Problem app. The app works like a regular alarm clock, but with a small difference: you have to answer a knowledge question to turn off the alarm.

By answering the question, you wake up the brain and get a much-needed boost. You can also see where you end up in the leaderboard. Whoever answers right the fastest wins!

Wake Up Problem icon in form of a alarm clock with one eye.

Good morning!

Who was president during the American Civil War?

What is 39 x 3 - 2 + 21?

What is the largest city in Asia?

Up for a challenge?

Testing the students' knowledge is only part of it, but what about you? Are you awake enough for some questions?

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