Better Sleep, Better Life


Mobile-phones showing SleepCure different features.

Your digital sleep coach

SleepCure is a digital analysis and treatment method for people who want to sleep better. The assistant helps you to establish healthy sleep habits by assessing your daily routines. SleepCure gives advice in how they affect your sleep and how to adjust them.

Research-based treatment

SleepCure is a CE-marked medical device for non-pharmacological treatment of sleeping disorders. It takes latest results in behaviour therapy and sleep research into account when giving advice on how to improve your sleep patterns.

Your mobile assistant

SleepCure is available as an iPhone app and only requires a few minutes attention every day to reflect on your day. In return, the app provides you with advice on how to adjust your lifestyle for a better sleep and quality of life, little by little.

Oh, by the way

Future Memories was responsible for building the iOS app together with SleepCure. Our Lead Mobile Developer led and coached the SleepCure development team, all the way from first commit to App Store release.

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