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A stronger user journey

For the new we have provided an entire re-design and a new content management system to strengthen the user experience. We have simplified the checkout flow to make it easier to purchase the right membership. By building a filtering functionality we created a more user friendly experience where we only show tailored membership suggestions suitable for each and every individuals’ need.

The result became an entirely new website using only state of the art technology to gear up for a bright future.

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New app, new design

We have re-designed and re-built the app from the ground up. It is now more reliable with faster loading times, better filtering and made it more brand consistent.

The app makes it simple to book classes, get a full overview of your training schedule and manage your account details on the go.

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Screenshots of the appScreenshots of the appScreenshots of the app

Toning up the brand experience

We’ve enhanced the customer journey by connecting the digital experience with the physical environment in the gyms. Our work began by looking at STC's new interior design concept to link their new digital environment with their training centres.

The colour palette we created comes from larger and smaller details from actual interior, for example, the lamps in the entrance in a local gym gave colour to Dance & Choreography and the colour of the walls gave colour to the Core classes.

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