Pilot Decision support

Service Design, UI, App, Data Engineering

A tablet with the proFLIGHT app.

Flightmode on

Presents in real time all required weather related information to the pilot in a nice and clear interface. The pilot can access everything from significant weather charts, SIGMETS and station information to tailored high resolution weather such as turbulence and winds along the flight plan route.

A screenshot displaying a descent profile.

The sky’s the limit.

Developed in close cooperation with professional airline pilots to achieve a user friendly interface and a clear view of the weather and warnings/hazards along the planned flight route. The combination of the synchronized horizontal- and vertical view improves the pilot ́s situational awareness.

A screenshot displaying a map view with a flight profile.
A screenshot displaying a flight route.

One flight ahead

Combining the real time access to high resolution weather and flight path optimization, assists the pilot in making better pre- and in-flight decisions leading to a safer and more efficient flight.

An iPad displaying a descent profile.

Download the app

Here you can download AvTech's app ProFlight for pilots via the App Store. The app is available for iPad.

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