Take a deep breath

AntiStress phone mockups

Speak your mind

Together with VGR, we have developed an app for iOS and Android whose purpose is to act as a diary to see their progress or stress level and also listen to meditation soundtracks to reduce stress

Putting your stress to the test

Every fifth woman in the Västra Götaland region has contacted primary care due to stress-related mental illness and the number is increasing. 21.1 percent of women sought help in 2016, which can be compared with 20 percent in 2015. In order to meet the large group affected by stress-related mental illness, development of new innovative methods is needed. The app's interface is designed with calm colors in mind and a color spectra that illustrate the balance between feelings while moving in a harmonious movement when you start the app.

AntiStress gradient background

Exercising conscious breathing makes you better equipped when stress strikes, and potentially preventing it.