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Intelligent sleep schedule for little sleep experts.

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An app for day & night

Sleep Cycle Kids helps you to find and adjust your child's sleep patterns. With the ability to log every nap during the day, you get personalized guidance that shows when your child is most likely to fall asleep and then sleep well throughout the night.

Sleep Cycle Kids is developed in collaboration with world-leading sleep researchers in clinical psychology who help families daily to find better sleep routines.

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The sleep routine all parents dream about

The overview in the diary makes it easier to understand your child's sleep patterns. From here, you can establish routines that work better for you and your child. The logbook provides insights and the tools you need to reflect, learn patterns and behaviors that work better or worse in order to achieve the optimal night's sleep that all parents of young children dream of.

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AI detects when your child wakes up.

In Sleep Cycle Kids, cutting-edge AI technology identifies when your child wakes up at night, logging the time automatically. No need to pick up the phone. With voice recognition, your child's sounds are filtered, and the app registers if it was a wake-up call or just a little dream.

Insights from the data help you identify methods for better sleep for you and your little one.

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A library created by sleep experts

The library of informative reading is packed with articles and tips written by Sleep Cycle's sleep experts. The section includes everything you need to succeed in improving your child's sleep - or giving yourself a little break.

Psst! The app is designed in dark mode to avoid waking your baby in the middle of the night if you want to read an article during bedtime.

Logga barnets sömn enkelt med din Apple Watch, dela data med andra vårdnadshavare och få stöd för flera barn med ett enda abonnemang.

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Sleep Cycle Kids för Apple Watch

Notifications help you keep track of the routine

A good sleep routine is important for both you and your child. But sometimes, it can be hard to remember when it's time to go to bed or wake up.

That's why Sleep Cycle Kids has smart notifications to remind you of your sleep routine. You can set when you want to receive a notification before bedtime and after waking up.

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Get the app

Sleep Cycle Kids is available on the App Store. Download the app and learn more about your child's sleep patterns.

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