Ending the era of data silos

Educational institutions have been suffering from having a fragmented system landscape for decades. Data is kept in existing software solutions, lacking ability to exchange any information at all.

This restricts teachers, principals and others in the educational sector to work efficiently. To get a holistic view, data needs to be collected and consolidated from many different sources. Too often, by manual labour which is both time-consuming and error-prone.

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100% automated data extraction

Inblick is a SaaS data platform that automatically collects and consolidates data. Plug-and-play data extractors enable to pull valuable information from many different learning platforms and other sources.

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Upholding personal integrity without compromise

Inblick is processing personal data of students, teachers and other personnel on a daily basis. Personal data is however not neccessary to be able to derive trends and compile recommendations for improvement. Extracted data always has to pass Inblick's anonymization where data records are depersonalized.

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A Data Lake for catalyzing a data-driven work culture

All data, both structured and unstructured, ends up in a central Data Lake. Having all data gathered in a central repository opens for a variety of use cases:

  • Data can be fed into BI tools for reporting.
  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts can uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in data.
  • Data can be used to train advanced Machine Learning models.
  • Pre-trained AI models can be applied on available data.

AI is giving data-driven super powers

With Inblick, data is made accessible to non-specialists. Teachers, principals and others are empowered to access data using their own terminology, without any expertise in data science or data analytics.

This is a big driver for data democratization and pushes muncipalities to a new way of decision-making processes without any barriers

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From successful collaboration to nationwide movement

Inblick was initially initiated by Future Memories and the city of Mölndal. Together, we have established processes that comply with strict governance policies and information security regulations for municipalities.

This enables quick and frictionless onboarding for additional municipalities where lots of existing data extractors and policied can be reused.

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