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Barsebäck brand and identity.

Fairway to heaven.

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club is a golf club located in Barsebäck, in the northern part of Metropolitan Malmö in the province of Skåne in southern Sweden, just by the Öresund strait. We designed the entire visual identity ranging from a new logo, new color palette, sign concept, new website and much more.

Three presentations of Barsebäcks logotype.Barsebäck symbol + B.
Barsebäck logo set in horizontal orientation.
Barsebäck logo set in vertical orientation.
Aerial photo of a natural area.

A palette retrieved from the location

Different examples of color combinations.Different examples of color combinations.Two images of golf courses.Different examples of color combinations.Symbols for pine course and seaside course.Examples of various symbols.Different examples of web pages.Different examples of web pages.

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