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Applying AI in Your Services

Lots of tech companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google have developed foundational AI solutions with extraordinary capabilities. Such AI models are manage to author sophisticated texts, draw pictures in various styles, create voiceovers, music, videos and much more.

Such technologies can easily be integrated into your digital services. Our service designers understand AI in your context and how AI-based features can seamlessly be introduced into your services. Our engineers know how to interoperate with available AI models and how they can easily be integrated into your applications. collects data from various educational systems into a central data lake. With the help of LLMs, principals and school administrators can ask questions in their professional lingo to receive valuable insights, reports, and graphs.

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Tailor-made AI Solutions

Most AI models and Large Language Models (LLMs) are very powerful and trained on vast amounts of publicly available information on the internet. However, our clients possess large amounts of own business data on which they can apply AI solutions on.

Modern AI models support incorporation of additional data from external data sources. This way, generative AI models can create valuable insights and predictions based on your own business data.

We understand how to fine-tune and adjust AI models so that they are perfectly adjusted to your needs. In some rare cases, existing AI models may not suffice, and it might be worth investing in training your own AI based on your business data. In such cases, we join forces with other agencies specialised in Machine Learning.

Sleep Cycle Kids

Sleep Cycle Kids uses Core ML on your phone to detect when your child wakes up by identifying baby cries.

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Data Engineering

All AI models need to learn from data. The more high-quality data available, the better an AI performs.

Our Data Engineers have extensive experience in dealing with huges amounts of data and in setting up data pipelines to collect data from many different source systems. During transfer, data typically gets normalized, anonymised and cleansed before ultimately being stored in a Data Warehouse or Data Lake.

Our Data Engineers are accustomed to connecting to many different data sources, whether dealing with standardized or non-standardized file formats and protocols. We always manage to extract your data from your business systems in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Weekly Revolt

We have set up data pipelines to merge training and sales data into a data warehouse on Google BigQuery. On top of the data warehouse, Weekly Revolt can easily generate reports using or explore data using conversational AI.

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Photo of P-A Gustafsson

P-A Gustafsson

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Photo of P-A Gustafsson

P-A Gustafsson

Co-Founder & CEO