Three easy ways to increase app engagement

We show some cutting-edge features that will get your app closer to users' daily lives, elevating your brand presence and driving your competitive advantage.

Today, people place great importance on the app experience when choosing who to be a customer of, whether it's a bank, a gym, or another business. A smooth and user-friendly app can often be crucial to a person's decision to become a customer or to remain loyal to a service provider. With increasing digitalisation and hundreds of apps installed on phones, it's more important than ever for companies to offer an app that not only meets customers' needs but also exceeds their expectations.

Investing in some of the latest features offered for mobile apps can truly enhance the customer experience and provide added value for both users and businesses. By leveraging features such as Live Activities, interactive widgets, and Siri Suggestions, companies can make their app experience more accessible and more top of mind for their customers.

Live Activities & Live Updates

A feature like Live Activities, which allows users to receive information directly on their lock screen, is a powerful tool for improving user engagement. This could include updates on deliveries, workout times, or schedules that inform users directly about important events. Investing in integrating this feature into your app can keep your business current and relevant to your users, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Sleep Cycle Kids

For Sleep Cycle Kids we used all the latest available technology. The user could start and stop sleep without opening the app while at the same time have full insights of the sleep schedule.

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A Live Activity of the Sleep Cycle Kids app.

Interactive Widgets

Interactive widgets enable users to interact with your app directly from the home screen or lock screen. By offering convenient and useful widgets, you can provide users with quick access to your services or features, such as playing music, marking tasks as completed, or controlling smart home devices, without opening your app. This can strengthen your presence in users' daily lives and increase engagement.


The app we made for STC makes it easy to book classes, get a full overview of your training schedule and manage your account details on the go.

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Interactive widgets from the STC app, showing booked trainings.

Proactive Suggestions

Intelligent assistants like Siri on iOS allow apps to provide suggestions. This can be leveraged to become more visible and relevant for your business whenever users interact with Siri. By providing the operating system with information about your user intentions, you can anticipate and propose your own activities that will show up in your users' home screen or Siri suggestions.


By making a small investment in integrating these features into your app, you can offer a more personalised and seamless experience for your users. This can lead to increased loyalty and engagement, as well as making your app more present in users' daily lives. Leveraging these features can give your business a competitive advantage and help your app stand out in the market.

With relatively simple means, you can have the best app that outshines your competitors' apps.

Photo of Mikael Hellqvist

Mikael Hellqvist

Partner & Head of Mobile