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The modern workspace

Our studio in downtown Gothenburg is the center of Future Memories. A modern and stimulating comfort zone where we craft digital products of tomorrow together as a team.

workplace: For the thrill of it. 🕵️‍

For the thrill of it. 🕵️‍

We never compromise on quality and always deliver the best imaginable product. It goes without saying that our employees get the best equipment in order to do the job in the best possible way. Teams are entitled to pick whatever toolset they want to make their work more efficient and enjoyable. Creatives and developers have the freedom to test new ways of working, exploring promising tools, languages, frameworks and platforms.

workplace: Home, swede, home. 🏠

Home, swede, home. 🏠

No overtime, no weekend work, no crunch because successful products are only made of healthy teams. We offer flextime so that your professional life harmonizes perfectly with your personal life. We start off every week with an extensive Monday breakfast to get everybody energized and informed. On Friday afternoon, we round up the week with our weekly table football competition, a few beers and a big bowl of ‘fredagsgodis’ before signing out. Regular team lunches help us to stay current about all ongoing projects and once a year, we organize a company retreat leaving our Gothenburg offices to work from another remote and sunny place for a few days.

workplace: Tailored for you, by you. ✂️

Tailored for you, by you. ✂️

We expect professionalism, commitment and respect to each other and offer flat hierarchies, freedom, responsibility and room for personal development in return. There is enough time to find and define your role inside the company and we decide together with you on which projects you will be working on. We grow, develop and release own products, both within Future Memories and in collaboration with other entrepreneurs. This gives you plenty of new possibilities to boost your career in unexpected ways.

Behind the scenes

May we introduce ourselves? A well-attuned group of professionals enjoying working together.